My current research interests are in the area of theoretical physical chemistry. My current research activities are aimed at understanding the collective behavior of complex (nonlinear) systems, both classical and quantum mechanical. The main attention of these investigations is on the nuclear dynamics of small systems, primarily the highly-excited vibrational states of molecules.
My approach to studying these systems is mostly computational in nature. The vibrational dynamics of molecules at high vibrational excitation are highly nonlinear. Nonlinearities can destroy zero-order  or even modify normal modes description of vibrational motions. So for high vibrational excitation new descriptions of vibrational motions are required that go beyond the conventional normal modes description. My research interest is concerned with developing  accurate description of the highly-excited vibrational states of molecules. The ultimate goal of this research is to  control  the dynamics of molecules well enough to effect desired behavior.
My strategy is to use classical mechanics to analyze the vibrational motion of a molecule. The relationship between the classical dynamics and the actual quantum behavior is determined through Heisenberg’s  correspondence principle. One specific goal of this research is to assign new quantum number for highly excited vibrational states based on underlying classical dynamics.  I am interested to understand the nonlinear dynamics of highly excited vibrational states related to non-RRKM behavior in molecules.
This research involves somewhat difficult concepts and would likely be challenging for a new student.  However, for the motivated student this research would provide the opportunity to understand about the highly excited vibrational dynamics of molecules and nonlinear dynamics in general, two subjects that are rapidly gaining importance in present day research.

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